Organic Gardening – Tomato Diseases

There’s nothing worse than growing organic tomatoes and finding out they have diseases.  Tomato plants can suffer from many different types of disease that can harm just one fruit or the whole plant.  There’s really no way to get rid of the disease once it happen.  Your best bet is to prevent them from happening in the first place.

The most common problems that cause disease has to do something with the weather condition, which is something that is something that can be controlled.  However, there are other disease that can be controlled.

To prevent disease from happening to your tomato, the best thing to do is look for varieties of tomatoes that are native to your area.  These tomatoes will have a less likely chance of having problems since they have adapted to the environment around them.  If you rather choose tomatoes from another area, you’ll have to watch over them more carefully.

Some of the most common disease that can affect your tomato plants are gray leaf spot, late blight, southern blight, verticillium wilt, and early blight.  All of these diseases can be controlled with the proper tools and method.  The safest method to use would be organic pesticides.

If you do see one of your tomato with disease, it’s recommended to get rid of them quickly before the disease spreads to the other fruits.  Sometimes, if more than half the plant is affected by the disease, it’s best to get rid of the whole tomato plants.

Tomatoes are not the only plants in the garden that are vulnerable to diseases.  By keeping a close eye on your tomato plants and other plants in the garden, you should have no problem growing healthy organic tomatoes.