Organic Gardening – Planting Heirloom Tomatoes

It is important when planting your organic heirloom tomatoes that you know how to plant them correctly.  If not done correctly, the tomato plant can yield less fruits than normal, and even worse, not grow at all.  Below are some helpful tips to help you plant your heirloom tomatoes correctly so that they will grow healthy and strong.

When planting the heirloom tomato plants, you will want to plant them deep in the ground.  By doing so, they form more roots in the ground which will help them find moisture that would normally evaporate near the surface faster.  In addition, more nutrients are usually deep in the soil.

Plant the organic heirloom tomato plant about 24 inches away from each other.  This will provide enough room for them to grow and will be easier for you to care for them.

When the heirloom tomatoes starts to grow, you will want to find a way to handle their growth correctly.  There are some varieties of heirloom that can grow more than 6 feet tall.  Some people prefer to use a stake to hold the tomatoes while others prefer to use a cage.  With a cage, the tomatoes have more room to grow which will produce more fruits.  With a stake, the tomatoes are somewhat limited as they can only grow upward.

Heirloom tomatoes tend to mature quickly and you don’t want them to over ripen or fully mature.  Pick the fruit right before they turn color and it will continue to ripen in your kitchen.

Heirloom tomatoes makes a good addition to any meals or eaten raw.  They are easy to grow and taste excellent too when grown organically.