Important Reasons to Raise Backyard Chickens

Fresh, delicious all natural eggs

Backyard eggs are free of hormones, steroids antibiotics and other chemicals commonly given to chickens.  Lets face it, the methods of commercial egg production are neither healthy or humane.   By bringing chickens to the home, we are eliminating the mysteriously convoluted commercial process and securing a safe and fresh source of eggs for our home.  Taste the difference in rich, healthy eggs.

Entertaining and fun pets

These social animals prod around for hours each day and are always interacting with each other.   They peck around in the run digging up bugs and critters and love to be outside.  To hold a hen, place your hands over the top of the bird so that its wings cannot flap.  Hold close to your body by wrapping one arm around the hen.  They are often feisty at first but settle down in no time.

Produce natural fertilizer

It turns out that chicken manure makes an outstand fertilizer.   Remember to let the waste literally cool down for 7-10 days before applying it to the soil.  If you are growing a garden at home, your backyard chickens essentially produce a natural nitrogen-rich fertilizer that will help your vegetables grow.  And feeding your vegetable stalks and scraps to your chickens creates a sustainable closed-loop nutrient cycle.

Be self-sufficient

For many, producing food at home reveals a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.  Raising backyard chickens transcends gardening with a year-round supply of protein for your diet.   Even the “green revolution” often neglects the importance of contributing to your own food supply.   It’s good for you and the planet!