Growing Organic Spinach

Spinach can be grown in both spring and fall. The ideal growing temperature is between 50 and 60°. Young seedlings are sensitive to hard freeze and temperatures below 20° Spinach seeds germinate from seven to 10 days and are ready to harvest 40 to 50 days. Plant seeds five to seven weeks before last frost in the spring, and late August through September in the fall.

Choose Heat Resilient Varieties

Select a variety like Bloomsdale Long Standing or Melody.

Good-Quality Soil In Full Sun

Prepare good-quality soil in the fall and you will be able to plant earlier in the spring when conditions are right

Don’t Sow Seeds to Deep

Cover seeds lightly and keep well watered for germination in 7 to 21 days

Thin Seedlings Four to 6 Inches Apart

Give your plants plenty of room to grow. Crowded plants bolt or go to seed quicker.

Add Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer

Fertilize twice during the growing season with organic nitrogen fertilizers. Sprinkle lightly around plants avoiding the leaves base and stem. You can also use liquid fish emulsion or manure tea.


Mulch to preserve moisture and control weeds.

Harvest Big Outer Leaves First

Pick early big outer leaves first leaving small new leaves to develop, or cut all leaves above crown and a second crop will develop. If you see buds developing cut entire planet immediately

Overwinter Spinach for Earlier Crop in the Spring

Cover spinach with three to 4 inches of straw in the fall. Uncover in early spring. Plants should recover and be ready for harvest in a couple weeks