Growing Organic Cucumbers

Cucumbers are a warm weather crop that can be eaten fresh or pickled.

Plant cucumbers seeds or transplants after the threat of frost has passed. Start cucumber seeds indoors 2 weeks before transplanting. Plant a second crop to extend growing season.

Ensure that you have adequate space as Cucumbers vines easily each 6 feet. Where space is limited train the plant against a wall, stake or trellis. They may also spread over the ground if you have the space.

If your space is limited plant bush varieties cucumbers, or try planting in containers.

Cucumbers like a loose well drained soil with a good amount of organic matter. They are often planted in mounds or raised beds. Cucumbers will thrive in a sandy loam soil. I add compost, manure, organic fertilizer, and shredded leaves to my soil mounds before planting.

Cucumbers do best at temperatures 65-75 degrees F.

I never use any pesticide on cucumbers. By getting an early start you will get several weeks of harvesting before the dreaded cucumber beetle shows up.

Apply a thick layer of mulch to conserve soil moisture and suppress weeds. Mulch also keeps the fruit from touching the ground and rotting.

Fertilize one week after blossoming begins, and again three weeks later with organic fertilizer.

Harvest cucumbers when they are a suitable size, this is normally around

50-70 days after planting. Frequent picking of cucumbers is essential as they grow. Delayed harvest results in reduced quality and less productive plants.

Cucumbers will store in refrigerator for 2 weeks. If you wrap each one in saran wrap it will last even longer.