Growing Organic Corn

Plant corn in an area that receives at least eight hours of full sun a day

Get an early start. You can avoid a lot of past problems with an early crop. No need for sprays or chemicals, you’ll get your harvest before the bugs arrive.

Try starting your corn indoors, and you will get a harvest 10 to 14 days earlier. That could make the difference between wormy chewed up corn or perfect pesticide free ears of fresh organic corn. Put corn plants outside during day to get it used to sun and wind.

Plant your seeds or transplants approximately one inch deep and space them about a foot apart in each row. If you have sandy soil, you can plant your seeds a little deeper. Planting your corn in groups of four rows works well to stimulate pollination. 32 inches between rows is a good standard distance.

Sweet corn requires frequent watering to produce full, healthy ears. Once the tassels appear, you should be watering at least one inch of water per week. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out between waterings. If your area is experiencing particularly hot and dry weather, make sure to compensate and water more frequently. Corn will not do well when exposed to prolonged drought.