From Seeds To Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes from seeds can be very rewarding in many ways. They are delicious and far tastier than those bought from the supermarket. Home gardeners just love the concept of growing their own tomatoes and relish them during dark days of winters. When it comes to growing your tomatoes from seeds, it is fairly a simple and easy process.

Either you can plant them inside the greenhouse, or outside under the hot shiny sun. When you grow them directly from seeds, you can have a lot of tomatoes to enjoy yourself as well as offer them to your neighborhood and family members.

No matter what type of planting you are planning for, the process remains the same. To begin with, choose the pots you want to use, and then fill them up with good quality soil. Remember to water the soil some time before you intend on planting your tomato seeds.

After that, take a few tomato seeds and put them at different locations onto the wet compost. Spray small amount of compost over the seeds for shelter. Once you have done that, cover your pots with plastic bags or other coverings. Make sure to put your pots at a place where they are exposed to sun rays, and do not let them dry out.

Your seeds will start to germinate in about four weeks, having height of three to four inches. After another three weeks, they will be double in height and they will be ready to be taken off. Once they are ready, you have to collect the seeds carefully with the help of a pencil or dibber. You can then embed those seeds back into their own pots by making a small hole and putting the seeds inside each hole. Put some compost around them, water, and place the pots in the sunny window sill. After those dark days of winter are gone, you can have your tomato plants planted outside. After a period of one month, you will be able to enjoy the delicious and tasty tomatoes of your own. This whole procedure is necessary for growing tomatoes from seeds successfully.