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Tomatoes Types

The popularity of the tomato has grown in leaps and bounds and over the years, through trial and error of experimentation. There is a wide range of tomatoes today that should please even the pickiest eater. There are two types of tomatoes, or rather two ways in which they grow, indeterminate and determinate. Indeterminate tomatoes are considered to be a… Read more »

Tomato Garden

Tomatoes are the most popular home grown vegetable in this country, so say’s the U. S. Department of Agriculture. This tells me that tomatoes are not all that hard to grow. The cost is low, you don’t need a lot of room and the best thing of all is that when the tomatoes start growing, the feeling of accomplishment is… Read more »

Types of Tomatoes

There are a lot of different types of tomatoes. From the sweet cherry tomatoes to giant beefsteak’s there is something for every tomato lover to enjoy. Tomatoes can be broken down into two main types, hybrid and open pollinated. Open pollinated varieties grow true from seeds saved from last year’s fruits. These include the so-called heirloom varieties that are becoming… Read more »

Growing Heirloom Tomatoes

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about “Heirloom Tomatoes.” It seems that every seed company has jumped on this band wagon. Overall, this is a good development because it helps promote diversity in the tomato world and brings the tomato gardener many choices that were not broadly available just a few years ago. The so-called heirloom varieties are open… Read more »

Tomatoes: Dealing with Pests

Pest Symptoms Control Nematodes (microscopic round worms) Generally attack the roots and cause decrease in root volume and a general weakness in the plant. Can make the plants susceptible to other disease. Nematodes may transmit viral disease. Plants appear unthrifty Stunted Wilt prematurely and recover slowly after watering. Can look like the plants aren’t getting enough nutrients (since the root… Read more »

Tomato Diseases: Fruit

Most of the diseases or problems with the tomato fruit result from contact with the soil or sub-optimal growing conditions. Keeping the fruit off the ground, proper watering and adequate sunlight will prevent many of the problems listed below. Disease/Problem Symptoms Management Anthracnosefungus Colletotrichum coccodes Small, slightly sunken water soaked circular spots. Spots will become larger and darken in the center…. Read more »

Tomato Diseases: Foliage

The old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” holds true in all areas of life and in tomato growing. Healthy plants will produce more fruit and feed you better. So, knowing what you might expect in the way of diseases that may affect your tomato plants before you get started will save effort in treating… Read more »