Advantages to Eating Organic Foods

It depresses and angers me to think about the poisons, chemicals, and pesticides that are used in commercial farming.  If you are genuinely interested in these details, please let me know and I will provide that information for you. 


Suffice to say, the corporation ~ in their quest to produce more product in as short a time as possible ~ has lined their pockets nicely, at the expense of our health.  I’ve had enough of it and have purposed in my heart to not continue on as I have been.  I encourage you to make this change, as well.

We have determined that our health will improve as the fuel that we introduce to our bodies improves. What is the answer to the question “how to eat organic“?  Grow organic!  Let me suggest some advantages of eating organic food. 

·         Organic food is known to contain 50% more vitamins, nutrients, and minerals than produce that has been commercially farmed.

·         Organic food retains the levels of nutrients in our bodies for longer periods of time.

·         By eating organic food, your body will be retrained to become more efficient; it will retain higher levels of nutrients which will encourage it to resist disease and fight infections.

·         As you reduce the number of toxins, pesticides, and chemicals, you will naturally have more energy and a brighter outlook on life!


The “Victory Garden” 

As I’ve been studying how to improve my health, lose weight and retrain myself to have a healthier lifestyle, (this should come as no surprise to you) my research has shown that eating raw, natural fruits and vegetables are the way to go.  The trouble is, if I am buying inorganic produce, I will still be hurting myself, by trying to help myself.  Currently, buying organic tends to be more expensive than not, but let’s compare the advantages versus the cost.

The first choice:  grow whatever you can at home.  Even if you live in the city, you probably have a balcony or little deck attached to your home.  If that little outdoor space gets any sun at all, you can grow a little something in containers.  It’ll be fun.  If you live in the suburbs or own a little property you can grow a “victory garden”. 

Second choice:  most grocery stores or supermarkets have a little “organic” section, these days.  If all of us buy more organic items, the grocers will catch on to this demand.  They will enlarge their organic section and eventually, the prices should be comparable to the non-organic food.

Better yet, I am still an advocate of growing your own.  Food prices are rising right along with those gas prices.  I don’t see either of them becoming more reasonable.