5 Good Reasons to Keep Chickens

Backyard chickens are a hot topic in sustainable living right now. Whether you are choosing to raise them for meat, eggs, or both, chickens require minimal work for maximum benefit. This trend in chicken farming makes it easier than ever to start raising poultry. Here are five reasons why chickens may be right for you.

Fresh Eggs and Meat

If you are considering raising chickens your most obvious reason is for the food. Chicken from the grocery store is often loaded with antibiotics and come from questionable factory farms. By raising these birds in your own backyard you are ensuring quality for your food. Research suggests that naturally raised chicken meat and eggs are more nutritious than their mass-produced counterparts.

A Sense of Accomplishment

Raising a chicken from a tiny chick to a full-grown hen that lays eggs is a rewarding experience. You know that the meat your family is eating for dinner was nurtured by your own two hands.

A Learning Experience

Backyard chicken farming is common among families for good reason. Experience is the best educator and raising chickens is an incredible experience. By helping you raise your chickens, your children will learn all sorts of new things, from life cycles to food production methods.

Composting Benefits

If you are raising backyard chickens then chances are good you have also created a small vegetable garden. Chickens are a huge benefit to gardens because they easily convert kitchen compost into fertiliser gold. Simply feed your dinner leftovers to the chickens and they will produce a fertiliser that is rich in nutrients. This can also save you money on feed and make their eggs more nutritious.

A Bug-Free Backyard

Pesticides are expensive and dangerous to our environment. Having backyard chickens eliminates the need for these toxic chemicals because they devour ticks, spiders, and other insects. Chickens also enjoy snacking on weeds, which will reduce your outdoor maintenance time. Be sure to fence off any prized flowers, however, because they tend to nip at those too.

Chickens are not all fun and games as they still come with the responsibility of animal ownership. However, with a small investment and a little work, your family will enjoy healthy and safe eggs and meat for years to come.