5 Good Reasons To Build Your Own Chicken Coop

Keeping chickens is a great way to get fresh, delicious eggs every morning for breakfast. Of course, your chickens will need somewhere to live. You could go out and buy a ready made coop, but why not build one instead? Here are five great reasons to do just that.

1) It’s better for the environment. Not only can your chickens can be fed scraps of food which they will turn into a natural fertiliser, but your Chicken coop can be made from things in the home which helps with recycling. Letting the chickens out of the coop to walk around some helps to obtain free range eggs everyday, which helps to get rid of harmful battery farms.

2) Better protect your chickens from nature such as bad weather, and also animals that could do harm to the chickens. Having your coop raised from the ground and insulated ensures that it does not flood and that it stays warm. Building your own coop allows you the scope to better protect your birds from your own local environment and its particular dangers.

3) It’s fun! Owning chickens ensures that the family will alway have fresh eggs, and can bring a new found sense of joy to life. And building their coop can be a fun and rewarding experience in its own right.

4) You can be as creative as you would like to be. Sure, a coop can be bought, but, there are many coop plans, books and instructions on the internet that can show how a coop is made and designed. The coop can be made with unique materials that are found around the home and can be painted in beautiful colors with unique designs. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the creation of this coop.

5) It’s easy and saves money. A person that designs a chicken coop will not ever have to buy eggs again, and it is much cheaper to build a chicken coop from recycled materials than to buy one from a manufacturer. Some may think that it is difficult to build the coop, but once the instructions are laid out, it can be quite simple to get started.

With these five thoughts in mind, it would be a great idea for anyone that has the space, to build a chicken coop in their backyard, so that they can have fresh eggs every day!