3 Tips to Building a Chicken Coop

Building your own backyard chicken coop offers many rewards. One of which is having chickens that produce freshly organic eggs and another is the high quality fertilizer the chickens produce which you can then use for plant growth.

While building a backyard chicken coop may seem time consuming and tedious, it’s not as bad as most make it out to be. Here are 3 tips to consider when building your chicken coop which can drastically cut your planning time down.

1. Make sure you have adequate space

Chicken coops come in different shapes and sizes so be sure that the one you choose suits your needs and that you have adequate space in your yard. The last thing you want is to begin setting up a chicken coop only to find that it won’t fit in your backyard. Another thing to consider is how many chickens you actually want to raise.

2. Ensure proper ventilation

The importance of proper ventilation should not be taken lightly as chickens need fresh air and oxygen to stay healthy. A backyard chicken coop will have ample air movement flowing throughout the coop. This will help to remove unwanted moisture and carbon dioxide that may cause ammonia to build up.

3. Ensure an adequate light source

Having a good source of light and warmth is essential for your chickens. If your main goal to building a backyard chicken coop is to raise chickens that produce fresh eggs year round, then you will need an electrical source of light which you can install in the ceiling of the coop.

Proper planning is essential if you want to build a backyard chicken coop. While there is some work involved, planning your coop ahead of time will ensure that your chickens will be healthy by having adequate space, proper ventilation and sufficient light source.